“serieS uS” readings

series uS readings is looking for serious readers, those that are willing to commit to biG stories full of evolving characters, places and storylines that are captured in booK serieS in  a trilogy, tetralogy , pentalogy, hexalogy or even a ongoing series of over 20 books (See Mysteries below).

I have noticed over several years that summer vacation is the most active time for our serieS uS readers, why not consider some of excellent series..

Historical Romance:

10092857 secret keeper  roses have thorns


amish 1 road unknown  amish crossroads one true path


fool's assassin  Fool's quest   Assassin’s Fate 2017

Mystery : Follow this series with over 20 books so far…

Ellis merchant house ellis armada boy Ellis unhallowed grave ellis funeral boat

to 2016               ellis house of eyes look for more in 2017



Look for the serieS uS tag to follow new and outstanding book series.



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