Celebrate Canadian Women Writers

Reading Challenge: Deadline March 8th

Honour the voices of Canadian women by reading a book of their writing. This is a brief list followed by links to longer lists.


Non-fiction: Kim Anderson’s Life Stages and Native Women is a sharing of memory, teachings and story medicine offering ALL readers a chance to understand the path and experience of womanhood in First Nation communities. My personal experience of reading this book as a white woman is the wisdom of tradition ways spoke to me and guided me toward better understanding of transitions in my life.


Ellen in piecesCaroline Adderson’s Ellen in Pieces is a modern telling of a mother who chooses a new life after her daughters have moved out. On my to read list I am selecting this title based on goodreads reviews including “It’s about a character who is like a real-life person. Ellen, the titular character, is imperfect and brash, and the reader gets to experience her life through a series of short stories that all link together. This is an incredible, sad and funny book.” submitted by Alexis.


lemonCordelia Strube made a strong impression with Woodstock audiences at our International Festival of Authors several years ago. Lemon is her offering of an angry teenage girl choosing solitude and a unique path in the face of many “unfair” challenges in her life.

Not yet decided? Here are additional offering that may be of interest.

See the exhibit of Canadian Women Authors located in the DVD area on the Upper Floor at Woodstock Public Library.

BiblioCommons list of books by Canadian Women Writers ( including CBC recommended books)

Canadian Women Writers at WPL

Canadian Women Writers on Wiki









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