noW new outstanding writers : Nothing Like Love by Sabrina Ramnanan

Nothing like loveHooked on reading this book after just a few sentences..

“It was after midnight when Vilma Narine finally closed the enormous front door against the pelt of autumn rain and dragged her book bag up the splintered staircase …” (first page)

Ramnanan’s debut novel is full of images that only a natural storyteller may conquer.

I was surprised to find out Ramnanan’s mentor was none other than Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer who was an author at Woodstock Public Library International Festival of Authors event last year. Here is an excerpt featuring Kuitenbrouwer from CBC news (CBC News Posted: Dec 30, 2014 6:13 PM ET):

‘A dance of impossibility’

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Ramnana’s teacher and a published author herself, says Ramnana’s improbable early success in the tough landscape of Canadian publishing is a reflection of her drive.

“It’s kind of a dance of impossibility from beginning to end,” Kuitenbrouwer told CBC Toronto. “If you want to be a writer in the industry, in the economy of the industry right now, you have to be really diligent and really persistent and really believe in it.”

As for Ramnana, she hasn’t quit her job as a supply teacher just yet. But she’s trying to maintain reasonable expectations for her debut novel.

“I wrote the story and it made me laugh as I wrote it,” she reflects. “I want somebody else to have that same experience with the book — to me that is success.”

Reserve this book now as it is just making its way through cataloguing.

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