100 Hikers 100 Hikes – Andrew Camani

Collection of 100 stories written by 100 hikers – many of whom are members of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. Twenty-seven stories focus on Bruce Trail hikes, the rest span Canada and much of the rest of the globe. From the back cover: Hikers have always been inspired by the wonders of nature’s diverse landscapes. Equally compelling are these 100 stories written by 100 hikers from various backgrounds, professions and lifestyles, who present their own interpretations of their individual experiences. So lace up a pair of virtual hiking boots and journey with us across mountains, savannahs, canyons and deserts. Enjoy trying on 100 different hats and experiencing 100 great adventures through a kaleidoscope of coloured lenses. Andrew Camani is an avid hiker and member of The Bruce Trail Conservancy. When he isn’t out on the trail, he teaches in the Grand Erie District School Board. The father of three adventurous daughters, he lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

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