Be a Reading Fashionista — Read 2014’s new hue “Radiant Orchid”!

pantoneAgain with the celebration of a New Year I awaited anxiously for the announcement of the Pantone’s Color Institute hue for 2014.  I find myself somewhat — make that largely — at odds with my anticipation of a colour which will determine fashion for the coming year, in that I am probably the farthest removed fashionista in existence.  My wardrobe being retro to the max and determined by what is clean, or not.   However a few years ago, I had a reference question relating to what is the international colour selected for the year?  I managed to answer the question and thence became intrigued with colours and how they conjure up literary images.  Last years colour was “Emerald Green” — a classic when it comes to literary images from the Emerald City to the Emerald Isle.

This years colour, “Radiant Orchid”, according to the fashion experts speaks to a “magical warmth”, which “intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination”.  What better hue to lend itself to a work of fiction.  Books with orchid in the title conjure up the exotic, the beguiling, and the enthralling.   All great invitations to open the cover and be lost in the pages!

orchid thriefHere are a few titles you might uncover on WPL’s shelves or @

Celebrate Orchid and enjoy being a Reading Fashionista — of sorts!

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