Making the Most of Bed Rest – Barbara Edelston Peterson

Turn Recuperation Into a Productive and Rewarding Experience

When your doctor prescribes long-term bed rest, it doesn’t have to mean endless hours of staring at television or the walls. Author Barbara Edelston Peterson, a world-champion triathlete, offers the wisdom of experience in this practical and reassuring self-help guide, which spells out everything you need to adapt and thrive during your stay in bed.

What you’ll learn inside:

• Transform your bed into “Command Central” with a phone, laptop and accessories so you’ll be prepared for anything

• Plan a daily routine of appointments, tasks and visitors

• Start personal projects, such as journaling, learning to craft, and even earning money through product reviews

• Create special memories with your children by playing games and doing puzzles

• Stay connected through social media networks

With inspiring stories of people who have successfully come through a long-term confinement,Making the Most of Bed Rest is a one-of-a-kind reference that transforms convalescence into productive and self-fulfilling contentment.

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