Ward off the Winter Blues with a Spoonful of Canadian Literary HumoUr!

5_ways_to_overcome_the_winter_bluesHave you had enough of the white stuff? Are you one of the hardy and financially challenged who will not be catching the next plane to Punta Cana or the Mayan Riviera? As a member of that hardy band of brothers may I suggest an antidote for a case of the winter blues from which you may be suffering — a spoonful of Canadian Literary Humour. I think Canadians are just plain funny (well most of them). Canadian humour has a wry self-deprecating style that everyone seems instantly to identify with and laugh along. Canadian humour is at the forefront of the North American entertainment culture. How many famous comedians of television and film fame come from good old Canada? — far too many to list.

1297339343977_ORIGINALHowever, Canadian literary humour is somewhat underrated and underappreciated (in true Canadian fashion). Truth is there are many humourous gems sitting on our shelves guaranteed to make you smile — if not laugh out loud. Since 1947 the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour (named after the granddaddy of Canadian literary humour) has been awarded each year to a worthy title among many shortlisted selections. You can find more information about Leacock, the Medal, and the winning and shortlisted titles at leacock.ca
If you would like to fill a prescription for what is ailing you, check out following list of titles: http://woodstock.bibliocommons.com/list/show/73851796_woodstocklibrary/151616661_beat_the_winter_blues_with_a_spoonful_of_canadian_literary_humour
The script includes classics by Leacock to Stuart McLean with Will Ferguson, Red Green, and Terry Fallis in between. Winning and shortlisted books for Stephen Leacock Medals for Humour are included. Works by well known authors, such as Farley Mowat, W O Mitchell, and even Robertson Davies are listed as well as newer authors, with a higher proponderance of them being female. In 2011 no female authors were shortlisted for the Leacock Medal. 2012 saw four of the five shortlisted books authored by funny ladies. Check out stellar works by Susan Juby, Rupinder Gill, Jessica AND Vicki Grant, and Zsuzsi Gartner, to name a few. *If you find yourself browsing our shelves you will want to look for books with a “Humor” sticker.
Enjoy … and hope you feel better soon!!laughing%20group

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