Golf Shorts and Plus Fours – Wayne T. Morden

Cover art for Golf Shorts and Plus FoursGolf Shorts and Plus Fours: Musings from a Golfing Traditionalist from Wayne T. Morden is a sometimes comic look at the game of golf in all its glory and idiosyncrasies. Arranged like an eighteen-hole golf course—including trivia refreshments and three additional playoff holes—this collection of short stories offers life lessons and relies heavily on golf’s fundamental tenets to remind golfers why they are so obsessed with this pastime.

Morden conveys exasperation over the proverbial sand trap and laughs over Star Wars lingo and Verma Cup antics. Golf has not only taught him how to be a sportsman but it has also taught him how to be a better man to his friends, family, and fellow golfers. Golf Shorts and Plus Fours is a collection of well-informed, analytical and entertaining bits of wisdom that will warm the heart of any devoted golfer.

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