You’d Be So Pretty If… – Dara Chadwick

Cover art for You'd be so pretty if...

Teaching our daughters to love their bodies–even when we don’t love our own

From You’d Be So Pretty If… I grew up listening to my mom bemoan everything from the size of her thighs to the shape of her eyes. So you can imagine my dismay the first time someone exclaimed, “You look just like your mother!”Every mom wants her daughter to feel confident in her own skin, but may often unconsciously impose her own “body image blueprint.” Dara Chadwick’s You’d Be So Pretty If… reveals:

• What girls learn when Mom diets

• How to talk to your daughter about healthy eating and exercise habits

• The trigger words that set off a body image crisis

• How to recognize a budding eating disorder

With humor and compassion, You’d Be So Pretty If… offers parents fresh and useful strategies for conveying that success isn’t negated by carrying extra pounds—or guaranteed by keeping them off.

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