Work Your Way Around the World – Susan Griffith

Cover art for Work Your Way Around the WorldYou want to travel around the world. But how can you afford such a trip? A grim spell of working overtime and denying yourself a social life is one route to being able to join a safari in Tanzania, a water sport instructor’s course on the Mediterranean or a bungee jump in New Zealand. But what if it were possible to skip this stage and head off towards the horizon sooner than that?

Work Your Way Around the World is the trusted guide for the world traveller, now in its 15th edition and fully updated to explain how you can fund your trip by finding temporary work around the world, both in advance and on the spot while travelling. Work-for-keep arrangements on a New Zealand farm or Costa Rican eco-lodge will mean that you have to save far less than if you booked a long-haul package holiday to those destinations.

Incorporating hundreds of first-hand accounts from people who have actually done the jobs with a mass of hard factual information to offer authoritative advice on how to find work from selling ice cream in Cape town to working as a film extra in Bangkok, Work Your Way Around the World gives information on all the main industries offering temporary work including:
tourism, teaching English, childcare, voluntary work, business and lots more. Work

Your Way Around the World also includes useful information on dates and details of harvest from Denmark to New Zealand and contains a clear, country-by-country guide to all the job opportunities to be found around the world. Working abroad is an excellent way to experience a foreign culture from the inside, but jobs abroad, like jobs at home, must be ferreted out. Work Your Way Around the World will help you do just that.

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